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Nothing undermines a well-planned vacation like no-show luggage on the baggage carousel. Or the hassle of not finding your carryon bag once the flight attendant takes it because there is no more overhead bin space.  When your luggage fails to appear on the baggage carousel, you’re guaranteed a stressful experience filling out baggage claim forms and infinite waiting interrupting your travel plans.

What are the odds of this happening? According to the Air Travel Consumer Report, there were six checked bags per 1,000 passengers mishandled in 2016 (this includes never to be found pieces); however, the chances that your bags will be misplaced are higher if you’re making a connection.  This, of course, doesn’t account for the countless backpacks and carry-on luggage that are often left on airplanes, or misplaced at the airport.

So how can travelers safeguard their suitcases and favorite backpacks? Opt for a smart luggage tag such as EndlessID Tag!

EndlessID Tag not only identifies your luggage but also sends you an instant alert when someone accesses your tag. If you happen to misplace your suitcase and someone finds it, they can contact you right away with a simple tap of an NFC enabled phone or by entering the tags unique device and pin number into the EndlessID web portal.

When your tag is accessed, you will receive an instant notification along with the geolocation of where the tag was accessed from, to better help you recover your belonging.

You can use the Tag on anything you choose, whether it is a purse, a piece of luggage, a backpack, or briefcase.

What more? EndlessID tag has a unique feature, it can also serve as a medical id. This feature can be activated by filling out your medical profile on www.myendlessid.com.  Once the profile is set up if for any reason you fall ill, or you find yourself in a situation where you cannot speak for yourself, the tag carries the universal caduceus symbol which notifies first responders that the tag holds medical information.

Once the tag is accessed, the person that you assigned as an emergency contact will receive an immediate notification that your medical information has been accessed and a pinpoint of where it was accessed from.

How does it work? It’s effortless. The Tag is embedded with an NFC Chip that can be read with any Android cell phone or iPhone thru the app; it can also be accessed via website www.eid911.com by entering a unique ID and PIN number located on each Tag along with simple, clear instructions. The Tag provides clear and easy instructions on how to use it.

EndlessID Tag is battery-free, charge free, water resistant, rust resistant and easy to use.

You no longer have to worry about the flimsy airline tag falling off your luggage, or whether someone will know what number to call should your suitcase go missing. Now it’s all in this sleek, durable tag!  #LevelUp with the smartest luggage tag!